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Thank you for your interest in the CO.STARTERS Rebuild program in Grand County! Whether you’re a beginning entrepreneur or have had your own business for years, we are glad you are here.

This cohort will take place from 5-7:30pm MST on the following dates:
October 5th - December 14th (with a one week break on November 23rd)

To get started, we need a little information about you and your business so that we can get you going in the right direction.

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Thank you for your application! We appreciate your patience while we review it and will be in touch soon with next steps. In the meantime, please reach out with any additional questions.

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The REBUILD program uses a physical workbook to help you visualize and brainstorm as you move through the course. We are asking for your shipping address now so we can get this to you as quickly as possible once you are accepted to the program.

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The current program fee is $75 (a $550 value), with limited scholarships available.

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Are you ready to commit your time and attention to work on your venture through CO.STARTERS Rebuild? *

To get the most out of the CO.STARTERS Rebuild program, you will need to participate in all 10 sessions, engage regularly with the materials, share insights and connections with your peers, and complete targeted "fieldwork" activities between group sessions.

You will need to be dedicated during the program and give an adequate amount of time to it.

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